Covid 19 (3 of 3): In a nutshell

This is the concluding post regarding Covid 19 and Lockwood Family Dental Care’s response.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard, read, or seen enough news on topics dealing with the spread of the corona virus and the covid-19 pandemic.

My initial intention with this post was to break down the corona virus pandemic and give you some scientific data on why I have done what I have done, but I’m not going to do that–I’d rather take a step back and just take a big picture look.

Know that I check the data points at least once daily (usually more), know that I seek out research from the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Magazine, Science Magazine, and any other reputable peer-reviewed scientific study\publication. Instead of going on an on about which receptor this virus binds to, the mutations that are being researched and discovered, the particular organ systems this virus attacks, and why testing and contact tracing is so important in helping to fight this virus, I’ll just say this:

it’s bad and it’s probably not getting significantly better any time in the next 9 months

(short of some crazy scientific breakthrough or divine intervention—I’ll cover my bases and pray for the scientists).

Basically, until there is a clinical therapeutic regimen or a vaccine, we have to approach this as a problem without a solution. The challenge I face as my patients’ dental care provider is how to move forward whilst keeping the risk of transmission of this virus low in my office.

For this reason, you’ll find that I’ve approached solving this puzzle from multiple angles: social distancing, building performance, infection control measures, technology, and some good old fashioned common sense.

Based on what the CDC, medical professionals, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, biologists, and immunologists are saying, my expectation is that this fall and winter there is a remarkable possibility that there will be an increased number of cases complicated by the onset of the normal influenza season.

For this reason, I am encouraging all patients that are comfortable with it to come in and get a cleaning even if they aren’t due to make sure we do everything we can to prevent the need to be seen when things may get dicey.

The only thing that anyone knows for sure is that no one knows for sure. That being said, if the meteorologists are saying it’s going to rain, there’s the certain coolness in the air, it smells like rain, the sky is dark (and it’s only 10am), and good ‘ole aunt Alice’s ankle feels sore as it does when it’s about to rain (there’s one in every family), I’m packing my umbrella. Hope to see you soon, be safe until then.

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