Anti-Plaque or Anti-Planet?

The toothbrush is arguably one of the greatest and oldest inventions known to man. Yes, I know there’s the wheel and the internet and the chocolate chip cookie to consider, but surveys have been done where people valued their toothbrush more than their cell phones and cars. The thing about it is, we’re supposed to … Continued

Local Dentist Loves Local Food

One of my favorite experiences of being a dentist is getting to know my patients. Many of our new patients are also new to the neighborhood or the St. Louis area in general.  Apparently, a lot of my conversations with new patients revolve around food—to the point where it became apparent I needed to put … Continued

Do you offer whitening?

I am asked frequently, “Do you offer whitening?”. First things first, I cannot stress enough—regular dental visits help to keep your smile healthy. My top priority is focusing on your oral health. While I understand that most patients want a whiter smile, tooth whitening is a treatment I am not quick to prescribe. Allow me … Continued

Your Little One’s Growing Smile

Friends of ours have asked me about everything from pacifiers to sippy cups when it comes to their little one’s growing smile. I wanted to use this opportunity to communicate some general guidelines on these matters. The ADA’s website is a great resource for parents with questions and concerns. As soon as you see … Continued

Dental Benefits Explained

Understanding how your dental benefits work is essential to making sure your experience at the dentist goes smoothly.  Here are some things to think about when it comes to dental benefits. Your dental benefits are nothing like your medical insurance coverage. Medical benefits afford you a discounted fee until you meet your deductible, after that … Continued

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